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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The joys of toddlerhood.... toddler antics

I have finally given in to the fact that Julia is a toddler and really is all about testing our will. LOL

Today, I came home from some yard sale mommy time and found Julia taking a nap on our bed. I walked into the bedroom and found her diaper on the floor.. NOT ON HER. LOL She has learned how to take her own diaper off. We are in trouble.

Last week she got so mad at me for wanting to get her dressed when it was time for us to leave the house that I left her pajamas on her and took her outfit with us to meemaw's house to let her dress her.

Vocabulary has expanded rapidly for her too. Vacuum was the latest new word I heard her say. She will repeat nearly verbatim of what we say so it is my own fault that she picked up a curse word this past week. No, I won't repeat it, I promise.

Please and Thank You are working well now .. we do have to provoke her saying them most times, but it is with "What do you say?" and she will say Please or Thank You after that.

I am trying to teach her ABC's to her in sign language and she has picked up several of the letters. She still won't sing with me though. LOL I sing the letters to her as we sign them and she tries to sign them back. Daddy saw her do this for the first time last night and was pretty impressed. She uses her sign for apple, grapes, milk, and Please. I am trying to teach her Thank You and mommy, daddy, dog, baby and many other words, but she just does not seem interested in learning them. I still want to find a sign language speaking person to give her her sign name. I know we can't assign a sign for our own names until someone else picks one for us that is of the deaf community. I will find someone, one day.

22 months has flown by. I think back to the day we were leaving the hospital with her and I was so nervous about being at home with a newborn, but now I am so anxious to learn about the next stage of her life and age. She is around older cousins each day so I feel she is ahead of her skills verbally and physically. I am going to try and find a tumbling class for her to take this fall.

Ok, off to put her new toy shelf up and clear out some of this clutter in the living room. Ha. Never ending battle of disorganized toys.

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