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Sunday, November 19, 2006

gone baby gone

5.2 lbs that is...........


never to come back

GONE after hard work to NOT pig out all week. LOL It is hard to stick to the diet when I have such a pizza craving. I did give in one night and had pizza, but I was still able to drop 5.2 lbs this first week on WW's. Ahhhh.

One lady in the group lost 11 lbs... WOW... congrats to her.

Diet root beer is pretty good. Have you had it b4? Better than Diet Coke. Yick. I love me some veggies and dip. I survive on FF cool whip and jello. I need to go shopping again for a weeks worth of yogurt.

So the days of waiting continue with the adoption front. I said my prayers this week that we can make it through yet another holiday season with empty arms. I know we will be mommy and daddy soon, just stinks that this past failed adoption match did not work out because we would have been parents before Christmas. Dangitalready. Chin up... marching forward. I know that keeping my emotions in check helps and venting here helps so thanks for listening. Today I was in the store buying some new couch covers and saw a little boy walking around with this dad, what a cutie. That keeps my hopes up that we will make it through the wait to become parents, no matter how long it takes. Our little blessing is out there to be placed in our arms, we just have to believe that. We have to remember that the road ahead of us might be bumpy, but eventually we will come to that valley of joy and love when we finally meet our baby and our baby's birthmother/family.

Ok, off to go put the new couch cover on. I hope it fits. Gotta kick the dog off the couch first.


DMgirl said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work. When I was doing WW's, I was a huge fan of chicken breasts and green beans. Kinda boring, but for some reason I really liked it. Oh, and I have a ton of WW's cookbooks that I could give to Jeff if you want to borrow them!

Anonymous said...

yea--good start!
keep up the good work!!!!

I want to encourage you - it will happen. I hated to go through holidays too....mother's day was the worst --the last one was especially brutal. I found out I was a momma the last few days of May. I WAS a mother on mother's day....
Why is this important? You may be a mother already and don't know it yet....
celebrate Christmas with joy and thanksgiving for that child that is meant for you....

Millie said...

I like diet root beer but looooove diet ginger ale. Congats on the 5 lbs. That's fab.

Holidays are so hard. Here's to matching soon.